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Meet the Best Taxidermy Team Around:
Joe has hunted overseas numerous times. He has facilitated the importation of his own as well as several clients' trophies. He is well versed in all that is involved. Joe's experience will invariably save you time, money and frustration. We are a full service taxidermist. Many of my well-travelled clients have us on speed dial in case they need to reach us for information. If hunting out of state or overseas is on your wish list, let Joe help with every aspect from outfitter selection to trophy preparation and shipment.

    Joe began taxidermy over 35 years ago.  He began mounting animals for friends, now he completes hundreds of mounts a year for clients all over the country.  After retiring from a pharmaceutical company in 2004, he now devotes full time to his taxidermy and hunting pursuits. A mount to Joe is never just "good enough". Every mount must have that lifelike look that has become his trademark, and has brought clients back year after year. Joe has spent his life studying animals and their habits, this knowledge is reflected in the accuracy of each of the species he mounts.

   Tanner is Joe's 23 year old son. He is an avid primitive hunter, with enormous knowledge and enthusiasm for his sport. He has been hunting and trapping as long as he has been walking, experiencing his first African hunt at the tender age of 7. He has hunted in several states and 3 countries, taking a large black bear with his longbow. In 2012 he took 5 species with longbow during the family trip to South Africa. He was chosen as runner up for bow hunter of the year at the professional hunters association of South africa. Tanner is the resident skinner. He is becoming increasingly involved in all stages of the taxidermy process, with a few complete mounts under his belt.


     On the property you will find captive raised deer, kept both for enjoyment and for artistic reference. They are very tame and enjoy the attention of visitors. Bring the kids so the can pet a live doe.









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