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What began as a childhood hobby 40 years ago..has grown to a full-time business for self-taught taxidermist Joe Smith.  With an eye for realism and attention to detail, Joe's work and business have gained much recognition.  Not only are his deer mounts regionally renowned and award-winning, his ability to effectively depict all North American species, as well as species from across the globe, sets him apart from most taxidermists.     

      So come on in to Joe Smith's world of wildlife artistry, where you will find everything from Antelope to Zebra presented tastefully in a museum style setting.

      Joe has hunted around the world and shares some of his hunting photos in the trip section of this site.  He is all to happy to share experiences and offer advice to those planning a hunt.  Just e-mail or give us a call to set up an appointment to come look around,we'll make you feel right at home.

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Joe Smith Taxidermy was featured on an episode of TLC's hit show My Crazy Obsession in May of 2013.

TLC has released a video clip for our show here is the link:

Here is a link to the full episode Troll Takeover / Stuffing Animals:

  3 segments featuring Joe Smith Taxidermy and the Smith family aired on FOX 59 News
  Wednesday May 15th. Links for segments below:




The story has appeared in several publication links are below:













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