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African Price List

(*Denotes animals currently on display)

*Baboon- shoulder -$550
                  *life-size  -  $1800
 Barbary sheep- shoulder- $725
*Bat eared fox- life-size - $900
*Blesbok –shoulder- $650
                *life-size- $2400
*Buffalo-Cape- shoulder-$1550
*Bushbuck- shoulder-$600
*Caracal     lifesize-$925
*Civet         lifesize-$885
*Dik Dik     *shoulder-$425
*Duiker-Red- *lifesize-$1100
*Gazelle-Thompson’s shoulder-$625
*Honey badger-lifesize$800
*Kudu-Greater shoulder-$925
*Lechwe-shoulder $825
Leopard  lifesize $2700
Lion  lifesize $5200
*Roan antelope-shoulder-$900
*Sable antelope-shoulder-$900
Waterbuck- *shoulder-$900
*Zebra- shoulder-$900

-Open mouth, pedestal mounts and custom bases extra charge-

In addition we have displays of
South Pacific trophies, red stag
shoulder and life-size mounts,
Himalayan tahr shoulder and
life-size mounts, chamois shoulder
and life-size mounts, and a life-size rusa deer mount.

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